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The Cure  

The Cure

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Dexter, age 11, who has AIDS, and his next door neighbor Eric, a little older and much bigger, become best friends. Eric also becomes closer to Dexter's mother than to his own, who is neglectful and bigoted and violently forbids their friendship upon learning of it. When they read that a doctor in distant New Orleans claims to have found a cure for AIDS, the boys leave home on their own, planning to float down the Mississippi river and find him.

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Genre: Drama  | Length: 97 minutes | Land/Year: 1995
Regie: Peter Horton  |  Actors: Brad Renfro, Aeryk Egan, Delphine French, Mona Powell, Andrew Broder

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The movie is pretty bad... Ive never seen so much science-[censored]in my life. *Nothing* in this movie makes any sense and additionally all the characters act semi-retarded. No spoiler (the title is Cure): It should be pretty obvious, that not absolutely every cancer and tumor is exactly the same, and that there is no "cancer virus" that infects and kills you in a few minutes....!? Little spoiler: When they see a very small bomb (perhaps 10g) in arms reach close to a virus container. Why in gods name would they not just take the bomb and place it somewhere else... another room, out of the window, the toilet, whatever or just behind the desk. There was a[censored]15 minutes timer, and NOTHING stopped them, from just throwing it away. Another example: Every single key code was locked. Why did they act surprised EVERY SINGLE TIME when their code didnt work, on one occasion two times on the same door.... it didnt work, they came back 3 mins later, and it still didnt work, of course.
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